3.5 - Chat room

Chat room is an easy and fun way to communicate with other players. The only thing that possibly needs explanation here is the channels. You can see the currently available ones in the select box next to the input field - there you can choose the channels you want to receive (use checkboxes). The current selection is the channel your message will go to. The channels are:

Game (not available in the lobby) - for communicating within the current game
Room - for those hanging out in the lobby
Global - for chatting across all games
Private - for sending/receiving private messages (select a player from the appearing box)
System - for receiving system messages (cannot write into this one, obviously)
Cln - only available if you're in a Coalition
Help - ask questions here if you're having trouble with something
Radio - atWar Radio chat

atWar tim

Amok - programiranje
Ivan - dizajn, programiranje
Clovis - programiranje
Dave - wearer of many hats
Brianwl - community relations and waffel advocate

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