Today is the day! Finally, the HTML5 version is officially out of alpha and into the beta phase!

So what does this mean? Most importantly, you can now play the HTML5 version and keep all your hard-earned SP, Elo, medals, CWs, all of that good stuff. Beta is connected to the same database as the main server, so all the stats are now shared. Chat is also fully synchronized between the two versions, so you can see all the messages from another server. You can even play both versions at the same time if you're into that kind of thing.

Those of you who are on Chrome probably already know that since the latest update, Silverlight (the plugin used by atWar) is no longer supported. Need not despair, however, since you still have an option to download the game and play it from your desktop (Windows). Alternatively, there is always the Beta version. And by the way, Silverlight is still supported by the majority of other browsers.

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Hi everyone,

Due to the planned server move on Monday, both website and game will be unavailable from 19:00 until around 22:00. It might take a bit longer, but we're hoping it will actually take less than 3 hours. On a positive side, the new server will be around twice as fast as the current one. We apologize for the inconvenience caused!

EDIT: Times are all UK/GMT
EDIT2: Map & scenario editing is now temporarily disabled because of the move
EDIT3: atWar has successfully been relocated to its new home. Not all the maps are available as some are still being copied (should be completed by tomorrow afternoon)
EDIT4: All maps should now be available, editing has been re-enabled.

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It's been almost a month already since we've opened atWar HTML5 Alpha for public testing.
During that time, there's been a lot of improvements and bug fixes. Many thanks go to our ever helpful testers! (alpha trooper trophies await)

Here's a quick breakdown of what's been done:

  • Total bugs reported: 207
  • Fixed: 147
  • Open: 60

Many of you must have noticed that it feels quite lonely in the HTML5 world, due to a low number of players in it.
So, here's a few things that we hope would change that:

  • Starting from today, the game chat is synchronized between both servers (Main and the HTML5 one). So you should be able to see messages from Main when in HTML5 and vice versa. These messages are prefixed with an arrow (→). You can also pr to players on another server.
  • We're opening alpha to rank 4+!
  • In the beginning of September, we'll transition into Beta and the HTML5 Beta server will be fully integrated with the main database, so all the SP/Elo/etc earned in it will be kept and reflected on the main website.
  • From the release of HTML5 Beta, both servers will continue running alongside, using the same database, for as long as it's needed and until the HTML5 version is fully functional and is ready to completely replace the current Silverlight version.

That's it for now! And those of you who haven't already seen the new HTML5 Alpha version are strongly encouraged to do so.

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For the past 2 weeks we've been gradually adding more people to our HTML5 alpha testing. First the Mods, then Supporters and the additional 20 volunteers. Hundreds of bugs have already been found and most of them already fixed. Now we're granting access to all rank 10+ 8+ players - please use the GAMES and MAPS buttons in the top menu to enter and report any bugs you find on the new bug reports forum.

We've also created two new HTML5 version specific forums:
HTML5 discussion forum and
HTML5 bug reports forum

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Being a loyal fan of Google Chrome from the very beginning, it was all the more unpleasant when it recently decided to disable Silverlight (and some other plugins, like Unity) by default. What it means for our players is one extra step, detailed here:

Annoying as it may be, things will get even worse in September, when Chrome will stop supporting these plugins altogether. Silverlight has been dying a slow death for a while now, and this would be the final nail in its coffin. What it means for us is that we need to roll out the new HTML5 version of the game before that, preferably already bug-free. We're now working extra hard to finish the alpha, to be released some time in June (hopefully). We're fully determined not to go down together with Silverlight and emerge from this debacle stronger than ever!

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Starting from this season Coalitions will be ranked by Elo rating, currently used in duels. There will be an overall Elo and seasonal Elo, which will be reset to 1000 in the beginning of every season. Seasonal Elo will be introduced for duels as well, with top 3 players receiving special trophies.

Overall Elo has been calculated for all Coalitions from the beginning, based on their CW games. It has now replaced competence, which has been removed.

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